Wednesday  November 22 , 2017
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About In the Line of Duty

What exactly is In the Line of Duty?

In the Line of Duty is the only reality-based online site for training and educating law enforcement officers and criminal justice students. Literally hundreds of courses are offered, featuring real incidents, the officers involved and professional law enforcement advisers and trainers providing 'lessons learned'. Each program/course includes tests and quizzes.

How long is each training video?

The programs range from one minute, two minutes, and seven to nine minutes all the way to 30-minutes to one hour. Therefore, they are excellent for roll call, in-service and academy training as well as hard classroom or distance learning.
Every course, every program is available on our online site.

What topics are covered?

Virtually every aspect of policing is covered, and we add new streaming videos regularly throughout the year. You can preview dozens of the video courses by going to the 'Program Previews' link at the top of the homepage. As part of your licensing agreement with us, you will gain access to every program/course in its entirety.


To all of you, from all of us at In the Line of Duty - Thank you and Be Safe!

Ron Barber
President, In the Line of Duty